Chiang Mai… Where my heart is.

three days in chiang mai
Do you know that weird feeling you have every time you love something that you still don’t know that good?!
I’m used to have this feeling about places; I love a lot of places where I’ve never been, places that always make me feel excited or even melancholy when I hear something about them.
Thailand was (and still is) one of them.
I’ve loved every moment of my Thai trip, the landscapes, the
temples, thai people, tuk tuk.
And if I should choose only one place where to go back, I would choose Chiang Mai.
three days in chiang mai
three days in chiang mai
Chiang Mai (เชียงใหม่) is the capital of Chiang Mai Province.
It’s located 700 km north of Bangkok and it’s is the largest and most populous city of the Northern Thailand.  The city was built in 1296 by King Mangrai (chao mangrai) who moved the capital there from Chiang Rai. The housing unit was surrounded by the city walls and by a fosse (you can still see part of the city walls). Among Chiang Mai there are the highest mountains of the Country: Doi Inthanon and Doi Pui Suthep which host some important National Park.

three days in chiang mai

Why did I love this city so badly?

Maybe for her small size.
Walk through Chiang Mai streets and experience the friendly atmosphere.
It seems that everyone knows each other.
Faces around you smile.
Every person, with whom I have had the opportunity to “talk”, asked me something about my story, truly interested on the reason that took me there.
I noticed with astonishment that there are many Western guys who have decided to move their lives in Chiang Mai.
And…you know what?! I know that it sounds absurd. But I would love to move my life there.
Yeah maybe I could have some problems since the moment there’s not sea but
Chiang Mai is full of life, nature, animals, landscapes.
Just rent a motorbike, choose a street and keep going.
Every road leads to something unique, majestic, almost pure.
It doesn’t care if it is the amazing Wat Phrathat or a a part of the forest everything is wonderful and amazing.
Along the way we found waterfalls and small lakes everywhere. (The best thing about these places is that they are frequented only by locals, no tourists!).
three days in chiang mai
three days in chiang mai

How many days you need to visit Chiang Mai?

Three days in Chiang Mai – no less!

I spent three days in Chiang Mai but I’d have chosen to stay there for a week.
They have been days of complete happiness and carefree, going everywhere on foot or on a scooter with a beautiful smile on my face, trying to return the beauty of Thai smiles.
We didn’t go to Chiang Rai because we decided to enjoy Chiang Mai slow life, that’s way I’d love to go back there.
three days in chiang mai

What to absolutely do in Chiang Mai?

  • Be in Chiang Mai on Sunday so you can go to the most romantic and hippie market that I’ve ever seen: Chiang Mai Sunday Market.
Every Sunday the whole community serves a market in the ancient part of the town, traffic is completely blocked and the population flows silent and cheering in the street.
The small benches offer everything: from bags, bracelets, sushi, typical food, fruit, discs, candles, spices, paintings (really anything).
Unfortunately I didn’ttake any pictures, I was too in love with my surroundings, lost to store every detail, to be able to shoot.
But I’ll be back soon, very soon … and I will fill this gap!
  • Drive a motorbike on Doi Suthep Doi Pui National Park
  • Explore the city temples (my absolutely favorite is Wat Chedi Luang)
  • Visit the Elephant Nature Park 
  • Enjoy the easy going atmosphere


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