When a trip to Thailand can change your life for ever

This article was published in may 2014 when I didn’t have any ideas of how to write a blog post and when my english was still…… this terrible!

Do you ever feel a sense of complete fulfillment? As if you had achieved something that until that moment seem faded away.

As if those sour cherries you looked so long upon the branches of the tree were finally ripe and ready to eat.
A year ago I found myself for the first time on the other side of the world, miles from home, with a completely different time zone, completely immersed in a totally different world than my routine.


I had the “luck” (which you can not really call luck since the moment I organize and pay my trips) to try for the first time these feelings in the fascinating and magical Thailand.

Thailand … just hear pronounce this word to have a flurry of memories crowd into my mind: people, smiles, heat, animals, sea, temples, (lots of!), Tuk Tuk squawking, sun, spicy food and smiles again.

During this trip I had the opportunity to prove myself as a person and as a traveler and it is here that I realized how much travel would have to take up its part of my daily life…someway!


I understood that I can sleep in any hostel in the suburbs, travel by bus on roads almost non-existent, eat street food on the roadside, walking for hours under the sun, drive in streets where the traffic rules are completely unknown, take flights at unlikely times with stops at the four corners of the world.

I understood to be much more easygoing than I thought, I realized how many superstructures are part of my everyday life and how much rather shall be disregarded if the situation changes.

I realized how many sacrifices I can do to  gain my goal:  the real journey.

Visit Thailand has changed me. I know that this phrases can be obvious…

But for me it is not so … This trip helped me to understand what is the top priority of my life: travel, learn, discover.


I’ll never forget the moment when this awareness has taken possession of my head…

I was walking around  Sunday Market in Chiang Mai when my attention was drawn to a small towel lying on the ground with many small colorful book on it.

Among all that books there was one that read “Who lives sees much, who travels sees more”.

I only needed a moment understand the meaning of that phrase and  suddenly I took possession of it, as if it was my new mantra.


I use to carry my best  memories on this book…Those memories that are changing and forming me as a woman.

Greater awareness is to know what you want out of life to be happy and the greatest accomplishment is knowing that all of this can help me to be a better person.


Thank you again to be here, reading my thoughts.

Sorry AGAIN and AGAIN for my english mistakes!

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